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Technology's Unrelenting assault on Industrial Marketing

(Thoughts on winning in a highly competitive market)

"Change, you know, has subtle quality. It comes upon you quietly. It creeps and you continue to pleasantly operate on the basis of old and comfortable assumptions and premises until suddenly, change explodes opportunity in front of you. And you are totally unequipped to deal with it because your ways of thinking, your concepts, your techniques, are all geared to an age that is no more!"
Source: unknown

Today’s marketing leader and savvy CEO’s better recognize that change is constant, even more so than last year, last month and perhaps even last week! 

Time-to-market issues are more acute than ever, in some cases, causing the demise of once mighty companies. Product life cycles are measured in months, with some in weeks. Globalization is in full swing. The ubiquitous WWW continues to level the competitive playing field providing smaller firms cheaper and easier access to global markets. New markets are harder to segment causing competitors, big and small, to lurk behind every account and around each order. Outsourcing skill-sets such as manufacturing, engineering and even marketing tare at the fabric of established firms, yet must be required strategy for companies wishing to not only survive, but thrive in the business environment of the 21st century.

Technology is assaulting every aspect of your marketing mix – price, promotion, product, and place. Thinking otherwise is simply not thinking. Creative marketing groups must focus on understanding, trending, and innovating ways to use technology as a significant competitive advantage. 

To Karen - a wife and MOTHER

What is a MOTHER?

If you came from far away - somewhere in outer space
And didn’t know anything about this planet or place
You might wonder about another
And ask – what on earth is a MOTHER?

We earthlings have an affectionate term
And a holiday each year for Mothers is confirmed
One day at least to honor and praise
To ensure Mother is more than a term or passing phrase

And this year once again I must point out
That Karen wins the Mother prize – of this, there is no doubt
And what, you ask, qualifies her to be the very best
Let me start with some facts and others will surely provide the rest