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I've been hacked...No way!

It’s 2013, expect your everyday digital devices to be breached more often and in more ways.  In today’s world of social media, mobile communications and wireless connectivity, the bad guys are out in force, and these devices make it easier than ever to gather information on you, your bank accounts, and much more.

Cyber security is becoming more front and center.  You may be surprised to find out that most of your daily routine opens you to effortless attack.  Where your information is easily accessed by guys wishing to steal your identity, and sell it on a web site built for this specific purpose.
Hackers have moved from destructive behavior to hide and seek gathers-of-intellectual property (IP).  In fact no longer do these guys wish to be known.  Stealth is the order of the day and their primary method of operation (MO) seeks easy access to commonly used devices.  You probably  have been breached already, and don’t even know it.
Scary isn’t it, and it should be.

Social media is an amazing technology.  As with most new technology, it holds great potential and is moving at the speed of light where everyone has a Facebook, or LinkedIn account.  Tons of personal data is innocently shared, and totally insecure.  The environment of trust and familiarity intimated by social networking amplifies this threat.  In 2013, expect social engineering attacks through social networking sites to increase. 
Everyone has a cell phone.   Many are “smart”, but are they really.  One of the key value propositions for smart phones is the downloadable applications.  There is an app for most everything now a day.  Apple does a pretty good job of ensuring these downloaded apps are working as they should and don’t carry any malware, but what about apps downloaded from a multitude of other sites – everything from your airline app to an app for your latest recipe.  Are secure are these apps, and this becomes a great vector for attacks.  You know how much personal data you carry on your cell phone these days.  How would you like this in the hands of a skillful hacker?
Wi-Fi is literally everywhere – Starbucks, airports, even from your neighbor.  It’s tempting to connect and begin your session of web surfing or getting your banking info at the tip of your laptop, or what about downloading a new app you can’t wait to try out.  Wireless connectivity is a great convenience.  With it comes built-in insecurity and a wide attack area for even the relatively inexperienced or beginner hacker.
So what can you do?  These devices and technologies are becoming an integral part of your day?
Be vigilant.  Don’t give out personal information.  Take a look at your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Ensure you set up your ‘privacy’ buttons.  Never download an app from any site you are not already familiar with, and never, connect to any open or public Wi-Fi site to conduct financial transactions.
My mother used to have a saying – locks are meant to keep honest people honest.  Meaning a little bit of security goes a long way.  In today’s internet and connectivity of everything – you must take full responsibility for protecting your information with what I call “smart” security.  Be correctly paranoid about the health of your security.

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